About Us

Heather Haward opened The Company Shed 25 years ago, primarily as a weekend venture. Her main aim in life was to raise a family and the business was more of a sideline. Four adopted children later (Bram, Caroline, Tom and Joe), her aim was reached.

The Shed though, has evolved over the years into something rather unique in its own right. Selling fish from local boats and oysters produced by her husband Richard, the fishmonger's was the main crux of the business. Mix and match tables and church pews were put inside so people could eat the pots of cockles or prawns they had bought. The eating-in element to the business stared to flourish and in recent years has become hugely successful.

The concept is simple, bring your own bread and drink and enjoy lunch consisting of seafood platters, seared scallops, grilled tiger prawns and grilled mussels. Homemade fish pates, locally smoked salmon, freshly cooked crabs and lobsters and a wide variety of other seafood is available. Various specials are served, depending upon what local fish has been caught.
And eat oysters grown by the Haward family, who have been fattening oysters since the mid 1700s.

You cannot book, so it is a first come, first served system. If The Shed is full you can have your name placed in the queue and will be given a rough estimate of how long your wait may be. Get there before 1pm at weekends (and in the summer months) to ensure you will be able to get in at all.

Heather is now semi-retired and her daughter Caroline manages the business. Richard's son Bram is eighth generation oysterman. The business is still firmly in the family and maintaining Heather's ethos to 'keep it simple.'