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Eating In?

Seafood Platter

£11.50 Per Person

Smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, prawns (peeled and shell on), 1 green lip mussel, 1 crevette, ½crab
*(If any of the above are unavailable we will substitute with an item of equivalent value)

Extra Portions

Smoked salmon (£4-10/100g)
Smoked mackerel (peppered/plain) (£1-55/100g)
Whole crab (£5-25/500g)
Peeled prawns (sm £1-45/ med £2-90/ lg £5-80)
Shell-on-prawns (£2-75)
Crevettes (~£1-00/each)
Green lip mussels (~0-25p each)
Salmon terrine (£3-50/100g)
Lobster (£17-50/500g)
Smoked fish pates (Smoked salmon £1-40 - Smoked mackerel £1-50)
Smoked cods roe (£3-20/100g)
Dressed crab (£6-20/200g)
Langoustine (£3-80/100g)
Jellied eels (£3-25/tub)
Rollmops (0-85p each)


Gigas Oysters
£9-00 /dozen - 75p each

Side Salads

£3-75/Bowl Mixed Salad


Mixed lettuce, rocket, lambs lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion with French dressing

Hot Food

Seared Scallops



Scallops seared in a herb butter with bacon, served with roasted vine tomatoes and salad garnish.

Grilled Mussels



Six New Zealand green lip mussels grilled with a herb and parmesan crust.

Tiger Prawns



Tiger prawns grilled with a herb and salt coating, served with a garlic mayonnaise dip.

Grilled Oysters



Gigas oysters grilled with cream and parmesan.


Grilled Oysters



Gigas oysters grilled with mushrooms, crème fraiche and topped with Gruyere cheese.

Please Note - All items on the menu are subject to availability.